How to Easily Style a Bookshelf: Decor Fix

How to Easily Style a Bookshelf: Decor Fix

Decorating stress is a very serious thing LOL. I’ve spent so much time placing objects, rearranging objects, and placing even more objects into my bookshelf space in order to get that “perfect” look. I don’t have prior professional experience in the decorating word, but I feel as if I most definitely have a knack for it. I am overly obsessed with how my living areas around me have to look and I strive to make them better. It makes me feel great knowing I can accomplish such a simple task and yet have an amazing finish.

 I’m going to share a few SIMPLE tips on how to style a gorgeous shelf.

-Display a Collection (Candles, books, baskets, bins, artwork, picture frames, etc.)

-Layer Accessories

-Incorporate Artwork

-Stack Decorative Books

-Rearrange, Rearrange, Rearrange


The images posted below are of my own bookshelf (from Ikea) and shows how I display/organize my items!

P.S. I have a very minimal yet chic style so my spaces are usually only filled with a few elements- I have a need for every little thing to be organized and displayed “perfectly”.



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