Turn a Side-Hustle Into Your MAIN-Hustle– How to Make Money Blogging

Turn a Side-Hustle Into Your MAIN-Hustle– How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging in its original form can be correlated to an on online diary—a collection of thoughts, day-to-day activities, and personal information. Such unique digital platforms have completely evolved throughout the course of the last decade; they provide limitless opportunities for individuals seeking new hobbies and more specifically for those who want to monetize their work and generate a passive income from it. A fundamental shift of possibilities has arisen from bloggers being able to convert from personal web pages to structured and successful business publications. The thought of pursuing a career as small business entrepreneur, by blogging full time, struck when I noticed that other people like myself were able to do the exact same.

It is evident that creating a small business from scratch will not be a simple task and there’s a large chance that it will not work out accordingly, but I am determined to be my own boss, work my own flexible hours, and pursue a career path that I am passionate about. 

When I first started blogging, which was not that long ago, I had no idea how to make an income through a blog site. I thought it was impossible unless you were insanely famous with loads and loads of followers–I was definitely wrong.  When I realized it was possible for “small” or “newbie” bloggers to make money ( a steady income that is) I felt as if I could put myself up to the challenge to do the same.

I’m here to navigate through the whole process in hoping of achieving my goal and I want to help others do the same.

Make Money Blogging!?

There are a few main resources that I have gathered to help accomplish the goal of monetizing a blog and they have allowed so many individuals to live as they please– I want to do the same and so can you, with tons of hard work and patience of course.

1. Start the damn blog. If you’re interested in the idea of creating one as a personal outlet, to share ideas with others, or to start a business, JUST DO IT. You can’t pursue anything without trying.

2. Create useful content per your particular “niche” if you have one– if not that is more than okay. Others may find an interest in what you’re talking about and will come back for more (hopefully).

3. Build engagement with the readers/viewers of your blog. Once you have readers, try to interact or communicate with them in some way. Offer them an incentive for subscribing or simply get to know them better.

4. Treat your blog as a business from the very start and pursue it at least weekly in order to attract potential customers. Use various types of income streams in order to actually make money from the blog. Such income streams include,

-Ad revenue

-Affiliate income

-Digital marketing sales ( e-books, courses, printable planners, stock photos, etc)

Find ways that work for YOU. Experiment. Try a few more ways until you get your desired results!

If you’re willing to put the time and effort in over the long-haul, then you could have a really good shot at creating a passive income for yourself while doing something you love.



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