Why Lifestyle Blogs MATTER

Why Lifestyle Blogs MATTER

Being a relatively new blogger, I’ve found myself struggling to find my voice these last couple of weeks. I’ve been reading articles, watching videos, and doing research on how I should hone in on my niche and pick a specific topic to blog about! The idea of choosing one topic and one topic only can be very frustrating; I know it was for me. I want to write about many topics that I’m passionate about such as self care/personal development, blogging and business, beauty, home decor, etc.

I would classify myself as an ordinary lifestyle blogger– I’m not sure why they are given such a negative connotation considering it gives people, like myself, the power and creativity to talk about ANYTHING. I want to share aspects of my life as well as my passions with millennial and college aged women while helping them embrace their best life possible.

Potential Lifestyle Blog Categories



-Home Decor


-Health and Wellness

-Personal Development



There are so many categories that can be discussed on a “lifestyle” blog and they can vary depending on the particular person and audience. Lifestyle blogging is such a broad topic meaning people are able to talk about anything and everything–try to keep the POV somewhat consistent though. Pick a few categories that you’re passionate about and use those as your main gig. Anyone should be able to create a blog and share it with the people that would find it most interesting; therefore, it shouldn’t have to be that complicated.

Finding ONE MAIN NICHE might make things less stressful, but it definitely isn’t the only way to go. It is possible to make a successful lifestyle blog regardless of the 300 categories you want to discuss. Just have fun with it and see where it goes.


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  1. caitie
    October 5, 2018 / 12:01 PM

    I love you and i miss you

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