All Time Favorite “Nude” Lippies

All Time Favorite “Nude” Lippies

Hello, my babies!! Finding the right nude/pinky tone lip color can be a hassle–seriously. There are numerous shades out there, but a lot of them don’t actually stand up to the hype they get credited for (IMP). The Milani Pink Frost lipstick for example turned out to be an absolute disaster. I was so excited to give it a shot so I threw in some extra cash to buy it– unfortunately, it does not have good color stay whatsoever and applies b l o t c h y… My newfound interest in Milani Lipsticks were crushed instantly ( some of their other beauty products rock though) HOWEVER, I did gather a collection of a few of my favorite nude lippies that definitely top the other ones!

Most of the lip products displayed here are insanely cheap so they would be ideal to try 🙂

LADIES!!! I live by this product–I kid you not. I’ve worn this just about daily for the past year or so and it’s finally starting to run out. RIP 😦 This is one of MACs Amplified Lipsticks in Blankety.

It has a super pretty light pink/neutral tone and glides on smooth as hell.. It seriously feels and looks so good. If you’re familiar with MAC products then you know that they’re pretty pricy for the average person (I’m a broke college kid and I can hardly afford them lol) BUT it’s so worth it to splurge on this particular color or collection at least–it’s amazing.

This is my go-to bag lip color that I throw in my purse whenever I’m out. It looks great with most looks as it has a very pigmented pinky color/shine. This is the Butter Gloss by NYX in Eclair. NYX is pretty adorable and usually has great products with a variety of options.

These two ColorPop Lippies are the best– one is in shade Parker and the other cookie!! Cookie is a perfect neutral for me while Parker has a redder tone, but still flawless. They glide on so nicely and seem to last a good while on the lip! They’re also super cheap– I want to say around 5 or so bucks 🙂

This last product is the famous BUXOM lip cream in White Russian. I used to be o b s e s s e d with this product, but have stopped using it for some reason– I definitely will be giving it some more use in the future. It for sure gives that tingly, cooling feeling that some of their glosses are known for and it feels amazing. It’s a super pretty pale pink color and it’s sort of sticky as well, but this is okay!! This one is a little pricy, but absolutely worth it for a general nude lip– around $20 I believe.

I hope you guys found this post useful and try some of the products out. I only recommend items I absolutely love!



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