Hey babes, welcome to It’s Simply Sky. My name is Skylar– I am an 18 year old with a passion to help millennial and college aged women embrace/create their own beautiful life as well as share mine with them! I want to be able to give my own personal advice on self care/personal development, blogging n business, all things beauty, nutrition, etc. I hope I can bring at least ONE person a tiny amount of inspiration for all things in this crazy life (especially for us lost millennial’s).

A Few Things About Me:

I’ve been all over the place! I was born in WI, moved to FL, then Germany, and now here I am in SOUTH KAKALAKI–and have been for the majority of my life 🙂

I’m the middle sibling of two other wonderfully annoying sibs who I love to death.

I’m an animal freak. Seriously. I love them more than people LOL.

Friends is my ultimate favorite TV show to binge watch.

I’m also a huge dork and embrace that to a full extent.


This little corner of the Internet isn’t just mine, it’s yours too, so please- make yourself at home! My goal here is to help younger women with advice/tips + tricks on all things lifestyle related from personal growth to career & productivity to beauty… and SO on.


Thanks for stopping by, feel free to sick around for awhile 😉

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